Golden Arches Mosaic

Just want to make a few comments about this short series of mosaics that I have made.

This is in no way meant to be a judgement. It's not an eco thing, it's not an anti-capitalist, an anti-mcdonalds, anti-fast food, anti anything really. It just is. These are my personal observations of roadside throwaways that I have collated into visually interesting mosaics. They are a reflection of what is, rather than what should be, or what isn't, if that makes sense. 

I actually find roadside trash alluring and in some cases staggeringly beautiful. There so many vignettes, pocket compositions out there on the side of the road, so many undiscovered little worlds of meaning, of adaption, of integration between elements, whether interactive trash, or trash and nature. 

What I would hope that you at least recognised from this small series, was the capacity to perhaps look anew at the castaways, the abandoned, the trash and the garbage, to perhaps even find something rare and beautiful. And rather than to tut and to sigh, to find a piece of wonder, something intriguing, and alluring, something other than what is expected from you. It's out there, everywhere we look. It isn't just flowers, trees, butterflies that are beautiful, so is a sodden paper cup, a broken bottle, a flattened can, a bent straw, we just have to recognise it as such.

I would add, that none of these photos were rearranged, staged, or photoshopped. They were taken with my phone as I was walking along the road, and I just took photos wherever trash was, without moving them. I have always loved chance and accident, or at least the appearance of so, as we all know, there are no such things as chance or accidents, everything is as it is meant to be, so this was also an integral part of this series, to be photographed as discovered.

There will probably be a few more of these mosaics, then I'll move on.


  1. That really grounded me. Very well written John.

  2. Well, that's made my day Stephen. Being able to do something positive for another person should always make anyone's day. X


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